Port Angeles Alumni Marching Band

4th of July

Parade 2024

The Dream Playground: Building Resilience, Building Community
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Less than grueling miles

Welcome to the PAHS Alumni Band

The PAHS Alumni Band has come together three times now for this event, and we are going for it again! If you can amble for 1.5 Miles, join us. Playing an instrument is great, but if you just want to march, along that's OK.

For our shirt order, we need a somewhat accurate participant count by June 1st! So Join early to really help us out

Reminder, you do NOT need to be a PAHS Alumni to join this event! We welcome all who want to support the band programs in the Port Angeles Schools!


July 4th 2024


Downtown Port Angeles


You! Sign up and join us!

Contact your friends!

The Port Angeles High School Marching Band has a long tradition in the community. Performing for football games, field shows, parades around the community, around the country, and even out of the country! Come relive some of the silly adventures, play some pep-tunes with enthusiasm, and bring along your cohorts for a late afternoon stroll through town. Break out the singing voice for some Hey Baby, skip to get back on step, blow out your chops playing it just one more time.

You can follow us, and share our event on Facebook as well!


of Potential Members!

event schedule

Rehearsal Dates:

Get decked out with an instrument, some music, and break out the tennis shoes.


Date: July 1st

Time: 5:00 – 7:00PM

Place: PAHS Band Room
 Music Available! Sign up and you will be sent a link to download the music!


Give this a couple more run throughs, if you weren’t able to make Monday, come for this one.


Date: July 2nd

Time: 4:30 – 6:30PM

Place: PAHS Band Room

Potluck Dinner!


Bring your family, and join us for a Potluck dinner at the Sons of Norway Hall during the evening.



Potluck Dinner – Social Hour

Time: 7:00 – 8:30PM

Place: Sons of Norway Hall 

131 W 5th St, Port Angeles


Do feel free to come listen to the Sequim City Band dress rehearsal at 7PM on July 3rd!

Parade Day

If you have the time, join the Sequim City Band at the James Center at 3PM for their patriotic concert.

Staging Downtown 5:00 – 5:30 PM

The parade Starts at 6:00 PM

Parade Length is a mile and a half.  

Parade Applications aren’t out yet, so we don’t yet know our spot on the parade route.

There is also no details yet on where the parade staging will be. If it will be behind Platypus, or up on 2nd again.  To be determined.  Best way to keep informed, follow on Facebook, and get on the mailing list!

The Organizers

Jarrett Hanson

Jarrett Hansen

Current PAHS Band Director


Richard Greenway

Class of 1995

Tyler Headshot

Tyler Benedict

Class of 1998 Director Sequim City Band

What else you May Be Getting Into

Potluck Dinner!

Bring the family for a potluck dinner on Tuesday after a rehearsal. Bring something delicious, or even an old HS Favorite. Time to recreate those A&W Pickle Fries.

1-on-1 Sectionals

Yea, no, I don't think we will be doing sectionals for this. This is really not a complicated gig!


You never know where people have gone, or what they have done. We may be rushing through this, but catching up will happen!


The doctor says 20 mins a day. Let the Alumni Band help with some deep breathing and miles.

Going for the Win

Sorry, of course we are going to try and beat Ghostlight! They couldn't even put on skates and beat us in 2019!

Fund the Scholarship

Any extra we have left over after organizing this, or that we may collect on the parade route will be set to the PAHS Band Endowment Fund. If we do manage to take home one of the prizes, that is donated directly to the PAHS Band Boosters!

Sign up to Join Us Today!


Feel the spirit

This is a fun group, and a very very short parade. It’s an easy way to spend a bit of time before the fireworks, and after the rest of the downtown activities.

All of the organizers are busy, work fulltime, and have other gigs. We can use some additional help.

What we need:
Reaching out to alumni. Break out your address books, Facebook friends, mastodon herds etc. More that can join this in any capacity the more fun it can be!

Again, busy. Share any photos from 2019 or 2021, 2022 or 2023 so we can have a wider variety of faces to showcase! Photos videos etc. can be just file dropped to us here: PAHS Alumni Band Uploads

Someone that knows what we are missing:
If you see something that needs to be added, or more details. Get in touch. Even if you don’t join, you can use the contact form on the bottom of the page to send a message.

Absolutely NOT! You just need to want to support the Band programs at Port Angeles Schools! We welcome all past and present band students to join us for this event! Even Middle school band students are welcome with the OK from their director! So make it a family outing and let’s all march together! (hopefully in harmony!)
Well there is lots I am sure we haven’t started planning for yet if we wanted.  Step up if there is something missing.  If you are looking for other things on the day.  A good portion of us will be racing to this event after doing a full symphonic concert in Sequim with the Sequim City Band.  If you have the time, join us there too!
Really? You clicked on this?  I left join links all over the place.  I’m pretty much begging you to press one of them.  Any of them! They all do the same thing!
Join the group, and we’ll setup you up on the mailing list.  The parade isn’t yet officially organized for this year.  So who knows, it may not even happen.  

Give a Helping Hand

Have Time?

Not ready to join, or want to help out in other ways, or just want to stay in touch? Go ahead and reach out directly! Use the form below or call/text ‪(360) 564-5658‬