Join the Band! - 2024

    In order to get our shirt order placed in time, we really need a pretty accurate count before June 1st! So join early!

    Graduating Class of

    The just in case things go sideways and a colorguard flag hits your face during the event emergency contact. A name and phone number is good.

    Marching Band Attire: Blue Jeans or Khakis and provided T-Shirt.

    T-Shirt Size and Style
    We can order up to size 4XL, they may cost a little more, but that's ok. Just add a note in the additional comments field below, and we'll take care of it!

    The instrument I would like to play

    Instrument Needed

    We will be hosting a potluck dinner after rehearsal. The exact date, time, and location are to be determined. Last time we held it at the Sons of Norway hall and we were able to leave hot and cold dishes there before rehearsal in the kitchen. It is awesome to bring your family to this! Let the kids run around, and relax with some band friends. But to help with the planning, if you can give us a quick headcount. Doesn't have to be accurate, just something close so we don't rent too big or small of a place.

    For the potluck the organizers will arrange a cake and some non-alcoholic drinks. As is the nature of potlucks the rest is up to you! If you have an idea for what sort of dish that can help keep things a bit balanced.

    Can you offer any additional support?
    Any extra help that you can give is appreciated.
    If there are any skills you would be willing to volunteer that would be most excellent.
    Contacting alumni, T-Shirt Wrangling, Website, Graphics design, transportation, scrapbook/photo collection, day of photography, etc.
    Please, get in touch, and let's build this out!

    I have an extra bed or couch someone can sleep on.

    I need a bed or couch to crash on.

    Oh yeah, I really think it would be fun to perform...

    We aren't in a position to require that you help us with the costs of this event. To secure our spot in the parade, location for a potluck, custom shirts, domain etc. for an expected 20 members will be about $800. When submitting this form, you will be forwarded to Stripe to help us out. There is a suggested amount of $30. You can change that to something you can afford, or even ignore it. We won't turn you away. If you would like to help us out without joining the band, you can give directly here: Give via Stripe

    You must accept the terms of joining the band above before clicking the button.

    If after submitting you get an orange box asking to try again later, that is an issue with the anti-spam solution protecting the form. Just send a quick email to and I will try to take care of that and manually add you into the roster. Do go ahead and follow the link above to get to stripe to make a payment. Thank you and I apologize that inconvenience.